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Full Disclosure: Why I get Botox

Full Disclosure: Why I get Botox

I’m going to let you in on a little secret...I get Botox. Why, might you ask?

Yes, I am quite young at just 32 years of age. And I was blessed with a baby face too. However, I'm also a Florida-born beach bum and regretfully soaked up that strong summer sun one too many times. Side note: I learned my lesson. Now I wear sunscreen every. single. day. Even if it’s raining.

But ignoring my mother’s no-sunbathing rule did take its toll on my skin. And one day, when I was barely in my late twenties, I noticed 4 deep(-ish) wrinkles running across my forehead. 27 years-old and feeling like I was only 22 in just about every other way, I researched Botox injections. I read articles, I spoke with other friends who were doing it, and I thought long and hard about whether the treatment was right for me.


Turns out, it was. And now, fast-forward five years later; I don’t regret the quarterly itty-bitty needle pokes even a little bit. Botox allows me to look the way I feel  - which with my adventurous spirit - is definitely younger than 32. And in case you were wondering, the 15-minute quick and virtually pain-free treatment definitely has not altered my appearance - rather, it has refreshed it.  

Some people just don’t understand. And that’s totally each {her} own, right?

But for all you Botox virgins who are a little curious, I must inform you; it is safe; it doesn’t hurt; and it should never, ever be a taboo topic. All of my friends and family know I get it and for those who ask “why?,” I’m always happy to divulge.


However; there’s one thing that’s super important when considering Botox and/or dermal filler treatment - find the most reputable practice in your area. A practice that takes great pride in its extensively trained and highly-skilled injection specialists and a practice with genuine professionals who will never inject you with more Botox or filler than you need just for the sake of profit.

And that brings me to Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica. If you live in Los Angeles, lucky you. Skin by Lovely is easily the best medical aesthetics office in the city. From the warm and knowledgeable administrative staff to the beautiful and inviting space, to most importantly, the extremely talented injection specialists, I cannot recommend them enough.

Photo courtesy LUNAA Agency

Photo courtesy LUNAA Agency

Because I’ve been getting Botox treatment for 5 years, I’ve been to a few practices in both Florida and California. Terrific practices in fact, that set the bar quite high when I was searching for an aesthetics office in Los Angeles. So trust me when I say, it doesn’t really get any better than Skin by Lovely.


Okay, one more secret for those of you who continued reading. I’ve trusted Skin by Lovely so much that I even took a leap of faith with dermal filler to treat my dark under-eyes circles a couple of years ago - just 6 weeks before my wedding. My results were fantastic and yet, so subtle. I looked more awake than I had in years and not a single friend noticed I had anything “done."

The entire staff at Skin by Lovely is exceptional but I have been over the moon with Morgan. She just gets me. She understands my needs to look very natural. She’s also incredibly gentle and has a soothing bedside manner.

Photo courtesy LUNAA Agency

Photo courtesy LUNAA Agency

I’m going to say this again - it’s not for everyone. I have many friends who insist on “aging naturally” (for now, at least). I also know many women are worried about getting “carried away” with treatment. I’ve personally never experienced this but I attribute my conservative treatment decisions and results to the amazing offices where I’ve been a patient.

Looking like yourself but feeling like the best version of yourself is the most important thing when it comes to any beauty or cosmetic treatment. And you can ask any of my friends - I still very much look like myself. In fact, I think weight loss and changes in hair color have changed my appearance far more than Botox and fillers ever have.


To get - or not to get Botox, that is the question. And only you should answer it.

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