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Meeting Curtis Stone

      I am not a huge fan of Bravo’s Top Chef Masters.  It’s just not my cup of tea…not my glass of overpriced wine. There, I said it.  Moving on.  I am a fan, however, of the show’s host.  A celebrity chef who is as humble as he is talented.  An Aussie chef who is also as friendly as he is gorgeous. Who is this mystery man I am admittedly crushing on as I write?  Curtis Stone.  Curtis Stone, the chef.  Curtis Stone, one of the sexiest men alive according to People Magazine.  Curtis Stone, the man wonder I was so privileged to meet last week when he came to Brandon’s Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporiumto show off his new line of cookware.  

Curtis Stone got his first big U.S. gig with a TLC reality cooking show called “Take Home Chef,” where on each episode he would approach a woman shopping in the market and offer his assistance in helping her cook dinner for a friend or loved one.Recently, he starred alongside Iron chef Cat Cora in a series called “Around the World in 80 Plates.”  Both shows were uniquely fun and fantastic. Having never met a famous chef before, I had no idea what to expect.  Maybe, just maybe, I’d have the opportunity to ask him a question.  Just in case, I prepared by asking my facebook fans for some suggestions.  I took my brother’s suggestion: “What are your favorite and least favorite current food trends?”  Keep reading to find out if I mustered the courage to speak to Curtis in front of 50 of his adoring fans.

    Arriving just in time, I sat down next to fellow bloggers, Megan Wood (I Run for Wine) and Katie Compton (Ruffles and Truffles).  Curtis came out with a huge smile on his face ready to sweep us all off our feet.  He featured bake ware, prep tools and pots and pans, all created with the at-home cook in mind.  First, he demonstrated a unique pop-out silicone and steel bake pan for the painless and flawless presentation of cakes, breads, etc.  He also revealed his “Hold me” set of mixing bowls; perfect for both mixing and pouring with a spout and a handle.  Then, he began his cooking demo with his umm, “Bump and Grind,” a sleek porcelain pestle with easy handling and designed slim for easy storage.   

      Using all of his easy to store, easy to use products, Curtis cooked up a Thai shrimp stir-fry with the help of a woman who confessed she hadn’t cooked in twenty years.  With this presentation, he proved that his cookware was intended for modest and even inexperienced cooks. 

  With a five-minute break after the cooking demo, Curtis opened a quick Q&A to his guests.  My heart started pounding.  I hate speaking in front of large groups. A young boy asked what his favorite country was in “Around the World in 80 Plates.”  With no hesitation he answered, “Thailand.”  The boy also told him he wanted to be just like him when he grew up.  Everyone’s hearts melted, including Curtis'.  My turn. Oh boy. His favorite food trend?  Mexican food.  He explained that food trends vary depending on the country and that Mexican is huge right now in Australia.  His least favorite food trend?  Molecular Gastronomy.  I can’t say I disagree but I was a bit surprised.  I thought for sure he’d be down with this uber trendy way of incorporating science and cuisine.  Nope.  A bit over-the-top for his liking.

          The time had come my friends.  Book signing, hand shaking and picture taking.  I was nervous all over again.  Why didn’t they offer wine at this event? (Megan's justified question) Katie was up first.  She had written on a sheet of paper what she wanted Curtis to inscribe in her cookbook.  She was just too embarrassed to say it out loud. Understandably so. Curtis loved her playfulness and bravery with the request. After all, he named his cookware!  He had also already proven throughout the demonstration he is rather fun and good-humored.

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    Megan was up next and felt forced to copy Katie with her humorous and delightfully inappropriate message.  No coincidence that he wrote her the message on the “Bump and Grind” she had just purchased.    

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 It was my turn at last and I was the second copycat of the group.  However, he changed up the original message to even a slightly more risqué one.  It was all in good fun! 


      Thank you to the Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium for hosting such a fun-loving, personable and talented chef.  I will be back for future events but this one will always be my favorite. 

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