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My Big Bro's Asian Fish tacos

I am my brother's protege.  Along with Bobbly Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, and Paula Dean, he's taught me everything I know about the art of cooking. An experimental enthusiast, I have seldom seen him look at a recipe. This guy relies on inspiration.  His flair for fare produces some seriously delectable bites. Particularly infatuated with Asian cuisine, he is my go-to expert on stir-fry and curry creations. A Mexican food buff as well, he has an extra special place in his tummy (and his mental recipe repertoire) for tacos-of any kind. This guy has come a long way from the ten-year-old who loved squirting ketchup on his Ole El Paso tacos. I strongly suggest you read and reproduce his Asian Fish Tacos- "killer" does them no justice.

Asian Fish Tacos


3 5-6 oz Mahi-Mahi Fillets, cubed (1/2 inch thick)
16 Corn Tortillas (2 tortillas per taco)
4 cups coleslaw mix (shredded cabbage, carrot, red cabbage)
1 cup Julienned Red Onion
Freshly chopped Cilantro
1 tablespoon Peanut Oil for cooking

Sesame-Soy Sauce for Slaw:
1 tablespoons Soy Sauce
1 tablespoons Hoison Sauce
1 tablespoon Rice Wine Vinegar
½ teaspoon Toasted Sesame Seeds
1 tablespoon Sesame Oil

Soy-Ginger cooking sauce for Mahi:
2 1/2 tablespoons Soy Sauce
1/2 tablespoon Minced Ginger
1 clove minced garlic
Dash of Chinese 5-spice


1. Prepare Asian slaw by combining first five ingredients. Then, whisk in Sesame Oil slowly until combined.
Finally, Toss coleslaw mix and red onion with dressing and refrigerate for ½ hour.

2. For Mahi cooking sauce, combine soy sauce, ginger and garlic, and refrigerate for ½ hour.

3. Preheat a griddle or cast iron pan to medium heat for heating up tortillas. In a sauté pan on high heat, sauté Mahi with peanut oil. Once cooked half way through, add ginger-soy sauce and reduce heat to simmer, pepper to taste. Heat tortillas for about 30 seconds per side.

4. To build tacos, layer two tortillas for sturdiness and 1/8 of the fish. Then, top with 1/8 cup Asian slaw, and desired sprinkling of freshly chopped cilantro.

***Makes 8 tacos

I think a Sriracha aioli would do these tacos right. Combine one half a cup mayo, one tablespoon Sriracha, one teaspoon minced garlic and a sprinkling of salt. Drizzle on tacos with a small spoon.

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