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Pinky's Diner...Breakfast Worth the Wait!

       I absolutely love quirky and quaint hole in the wall diners...especially those that serve consistently drool-worthy breakfast classics and wonderfully executed breakfast inventions.  Pinky's Diner on Bay to Bay in the heart of Palmaceia is a South Tampa gem that delivers delicious diner breakfasts, every time, guaranteed. 

     Stepping into this charming (and super small) joint, one can immediately see just how popular they've become.  Pinky’s pleases their waiting (and hungry) guests with freshly brewed coffee in a self-serve, "make yourself right at home" kind of fashion.  Random and eclectic coffee cups are available, hanging from pegs and sitting on the shelves of an old rustic wooden cabinet.  I usually gulp down a solid 2 cups of their tasty coffee before my name is finally called from the list. I assure you; breakfast at Pinky's is well worth the long wait.

    There were four of us on this overwhelmingly hot Saturday morning and we were all ravenous as ever.  Because the inside of Pinky's was already flooded with patrons waiting on tables, we opted to wait outside, in the heat, drinking our steaming hot coffee.  Real smart.  As our stomachs gradually grumbled more and more, we began feeling rather bitter toward guests sitting and relaxing in the AC. I even caught myself sneering at those who had sat around sipping their waters 40 minutes after paying their checks, knowing full well the swarms of starving people standing around them.  I just love purposeful “oblivious” behavior like that.
      It sounded like angels singing from the heavens when my name was called.  Since we had plenty of time to ponder over the excellent menu options, we ordered immediately. Pinky's has some crazy combos like a sweet and savory pancake sandwich, various breakfast Cubans and a breakfast quesadilla. Our server was quick to bring our waters and juices and our food took very little time too.  Where Pinky’s lacks in space, they certainly make up in prompt drink and dish delivery.  Thank God for that. 
     I ordered the Chorizo breakfast wrap.  Greasy in only the very best way, the juices from the chorizo saturated the fluffy scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms and home fries just beautifully.  Sharp cheddar cheese added a great bite in this tightly rolled breakfast burrito.  Good on its own...even better with a hot sauce drizzle.

    My boyfriend ordered their Greek frittata with feta cheese, kalamata olives, tomatoes, bell pepper and spinach.  Pinky's has over ten yummy fritatta concoctions and this one happens to be one of my favorites.  It is so healthy but the generous 3-egg baked beauty insists a full post breakfast belly.   

     My brother ordered one of their specials for the day, Texas hash.  Wow. This was no ordinary "hash." The succulent beef tasted like my beloved late grandma's pot roast with a Texas twist.  Fall apart tender and moist, it was king of the meat, egg and potato plate. The pool of Au jus was made even more divine when the over-easy eggs were pierced, allowing the running yolk to glorify this carnivorous creation.  

      My brother's girlfriend ordered the “Ultimate Fried Egg Sandwich.”  This is truly the best egg sandwich ever made.  Two perfectly timed over-easy eggs, thick-cut bacon, cheddar and swiss cheeses, crispy shredded lettuce, ripe tomato, mayo and two slices of toasted 7 grain bread come together to form a little piece of heaven on a plate.  Splendid.

     If you have 2 hours to kill on a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning, Pinky's is a sure breakfast (or brunch) bet.  I've avoided the wait by ordering take-out before but it certainly isn't the same.  This place is popular and packed for a reason.  It really is just that good.

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