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Birthday Brat

Birthday Brat

Treatin’ Myself Because, Birthday Girl

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a birthday brat. But hey, I’m only this way for like one week out of the entire year. I don’t ask that my friends and family help me celebrate all February long. I just want one week. One stinkin' week, damn it.

One week of small surprises, some shenanigans with friends, and maybe even a nice dinner out on the town with my other half...

This year though, I got a little crazy. I asked Chris for a brass-trimmed wall mirror and a new plant. That’s right; a mirror and a house plant. {You know you’re getting old when...}

But you’re only as old as you feel though, right? So aside from the houseware gifts which totally age me, I’m celebrating like I’m turning 22 {because 21st birthday celebrations would be too much). An afternoon of day-drinking with friends in Malibu and a week full of 22-year-old metabolism kind of indulging.

Birthday indulgences including, but not limited to: cake (duh), cheese, pasta, pizza, and tacos. And of course, donuts. Seriously, God bless the baker who created donuts. They are amongst some of my favorite birthday treats.

I have two go-to donut shops in Los Angeles and they’re both near and dear to my donut-loving heart but for different reasons. Sidecar Donuts are the cream of the crop when it comes to made-from-scratch, preservative-free, “artisan” donuts while DK’s Donuts feels more like your standard LA donut shop upon first glance - but is actually so much more. Rows upon rows of donuts go fast at this 24-hour shop and in addition to the usual suspects, there are also at least dozen delightfully extravagant (and perhaps, obnoxious) varieties too.

Can’t forget about the birthday fit either. Birthday girls can wear whatever they want on their very special day (or week, in my case). Fuzzy jackets, faux leather, and fun booties galore!  

The Food:

DK’s Donuts in Santa Monica. The “Galaxy donut” and the “Ube Cream O-nut.”

I’m not gonna lie. I totally chose the Galaxy donut because it’s pretty. But it was also darn tasty. Tasty and perfectly soft and airy as any standard glazed yeast donut should be.

The Ube Cream O-Nut was much more exciting. A cross between a donut and a croissant (AKA, Cronut), DK’s pulls out all the stops filling and decorating their pastry hybrid. They love infusing ube (Japanese sweet potato) in their donuts and this one pulls it off perfectly.

The Fit:

Fuzzy black jacket, BCBG. Similar here. Black faux leather pants, Nordstrom. Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters. choker, Nordstrom. Python booties, Urban Outfitters.

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