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0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false      Stumbling through the streets of New York City with eleven other fantastic females…well, that my friends, is what I would call a pretty righteous bachelorette party.  Yet, when my dear friend, Emily chose the Big Apple as her (almost) anything goes, estrogen infused, party until you pass out, destination, I immediately cringed.  New York City in January?  A vision of chapped lips, cracked hands, patchy red cheeks and my little body shaking from head to toe quickly swept through my mind.  A born and raised Floridian, I am most certainly the weakest of weak in dreadfully cold temperatures.  But, I took control of my internal whimpering and reminded myself of all the glorious cuisine I would be partaking in.  That is when, the thought of 30-degree weather fazed me no more.  For food in NYC is most definitely in a league of its own.

I already miss the easily accessible mouth-watering lobster rolls…those fresh and oh so luscious wonders of the world.  I long for pizza that ranks supreme in my long list of creatively concocted and expertly executed crusts with sauce and toppings galore.  I ache for authentic Chinese dim sum- especially those delicious dumplings I dipped in soy sauce and Sambal.  Fresh North Atlantic seafood and bona fide Italian cuisine are also begging me to come back to the great city of Boston. 

An imaginative and sophisticated farm-to-table restaurant with a serious focus on seasonal ingredients awaits Miami foodies. This is an establishment that noticeably prides itself on creativity, hospitality and most importantly, using the finest local ingredients hand picked from their very own garden. It is a restaurant that exudes class the second you walk through the doorway. It is a restaurant that would undoubtedly stand up to world-renowned eateries in New York and San Francisco. It is a place I plan to visit every time I travel four hours south of Tampa from this day forward. Eden Roc Renaissance’s 1500 Degrees is culinary excellence at its very best.