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Lazy Sunday Ramen

Lazy Sunday Ramen

Weekend Ramen Noodle Feasts at Ramen Shack in Redondo Beach

I’d be lying if I told you the last couple of months have been busy. Or fun. Or filled with much excitement of any kind. “Never a dull moment?” Quite the contrary, actually. Ok, ok, I’ll stop the whining. I have it pretty good. My husband is a gem (most of the time), my friends are absolutely awesome, and I have a beautiful home that shelters two fluffy and oh, so lovable siamese kitty cats.

But despite having “it good,” this winter has been well, kinda lame.

January was bitterly cold and wet (yes, I know I live in L.A.) and with the exception of my birthday weekend (thank you God for that), February wasn’t much better. So we’ve been doing what most married couples and cohabitants would do - staying indoors with some Netflix and chill action on the re-gu-lar. Could be worse, I know.

And in our household, lazy Saturdays and Sundays generally call for some fat ass kinda grub...after we’ve completed a solid weekend workout, of course. Pizza from the local floppy NY-style pizza joint, homemade breakfast hash topped with a perfectly runny egg, or “dining in” at the best local ramen noodle spot...if we can manage to get out of our Saturday sweats and hoodies.

Last Sunday, we managed just that. So the ramen would be had. The ramen at Ramen Shack in Redondo Beach is prettttty freaking legit too. The tiniest shop I ever did see, they run like a 2 person show...and they pull it off with perfection. Probably helps that this is their second location, with the first in Gardena, where you’ve gotta be a master at your ramen game if you want to survive.

The broth is heavenly - no skimping of delectable pork fat. The noodles are tender and the chashu pork literally melts in your mouth. They have a variety of combinations available - from black, white, and miso ramen to 3 levels of spicy to even a dumpling adorned ramen for real noodle heads.

I typically go with their specialty - Ramen Shack Ramen. It’s got all the necessary bells and whistles like, chashu, bamboo, seaweed, and of course, that hard-boiled egg. My only complaint? I wish they did their egg soft. But nevertheless, this ramen is damn good.

Clearly I put all the dining etiquette aside when I enjoy my ramen too. Because even ladies gotta live on the edge every now and then. The Japanese definitely do not judge either. In fact, they’re flattered. So no shame will be had with my messy ramen devouring.

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