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Beating the LA Heat with Summertime Boozy Popsicles and T-shirt Dresses

Beating the LA Heat with Summertime Boozy Popsicles and T-shirt Dresses

It’s official. Any drop of Floridian blood I still had in gone. I say that because, at 78 degrees almost every day this week, I’m miserably, I know, I kinda hate me.

But to my defense, we don’t have an air conditioner in our home - which probably sounds crazy to so many of you...but at least you don’t hate me quite as much now, right? Truth is, most SoCal homes that are within a few miles of the beach don’t have AC. So how the hell do we deal? Well, we strip off almost all of our clothing the second we get home, open up all of our windows and summon the summer breeze, and sleep at night with a single sheet ever so lightly draped over us. Life could be worse...

We also eat popsicles and drink really cold adult beverages. Because I simply can’t think of a better way to ignore the L.A.’s ahem, dreadful summer heat. The combo of ice-cold alcohol (any variety - please and thank you) and an even colder fruity popsicle numbs this summertime situation.

I recently invested in a popsicle maker (stay tuned for creations) but this post is about Watermelon Agave Good Pops dunked into refreshing Rosé wine. (not sparkling - but I’m sure that would be delicious too).

The trick is, you have to eat the popsicle and drink the wine relatively quickly. Although - if you have a sweet tooth like myself, you probably won’t mind the mixture once the popsicle completely melts harmoniously into the wine.

Seriously though - there are so many ways to go about this boozy popsicle technique. Vodka Lemonade with a Coconut Lime popsicle...equally as fantastic. And yes, I know it’s not revolutionary. This “invention” has been all over Instagram recently. I mean, how do you think I thought of it?

Step One: Pick your favorite sweet-ish cocktail, White or Rosé wine.

Step Two: Strategically choose a popsicle variety of your liking. I’m into Good Pops since they’re made w/ real fruit and have no added sugar...kinda makes me feel less guilty about the booze.

Step Three: Bite, sip, bite sip...repeat. Pour and dunk another.

This outfit right here...well, it was made for summer. The dress is quite short, yes...but it’s also easy freaking breezy. The flutter sleeves make it a little more special than your average t-shirt dress too. Plus, it has giant arm holes so you can show off a fun bandeau underneath. I dress it up (as pictured) with block heels and my favorite western belt and but I also love dressing it down for weekend errands (basically sans the belt and trade out heels for flats). The best news? It’s currently on sale at Urban for $25.

T-shirt Dress, Urban Outfitters. Western belt, Urban Outfitters. Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters.

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