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The Mojito: Modified. Just as Sweet, Far More Simple.

When life refuses you limes, what do you do? You use limeade of course...Simply Limeade, that is. I'm the first to admit, I usually detest semi-homemade recipes. Most of them require using processed products and eliminating naturally delectable ingredients. And frankly, I don't really like taking the easy way the kitchen, at least. This semi-homemade thing just isn't cool in my (culinary) book. There I said it. Okay, so now onto my first shameful, yet very successful semi-homemade recipe.

It was an accident. Yet, it was meant to be. Just a few weeks ago, my beau and I enjoyed poolside Mojitos made from scratch. We're talking muddled limes and mint and freshly made simple syrup shaken with club soda and rum. It's classic. It's refreshing. It's absolutely delicious. Ahh, the mojito...possibly my best-loved traditional libation of all time.

Fast forward two weeks later. We're craving those scrumptiously sweet summer cocktails again. Being the gentleman that he is, Chris offers to run to the store for rum, club soda, and mint. He returns and I reach into the fridge for the...damn. Forgot about the limes. I can't believe I only had only a half of a lime to my name. Wait a second....there's half a container of Simply Limeade I randomly bought as a mixer for vodka a couple of weeks ago. Should we do it? Should we?

We did...and it a charm. Cut out the simple syrup and the limes and replace 'em with Simply Limeade. Let the Sunday Funday poolside R&R transpire. 

The Simply Sweet Mojito

10 ounces clear Rum
8 ounces Club Soda
24 ounces (3 cups) Simply Limeade 
2 sprigs Mint

1. At the bottom of a small pitcher or shaker, muddle the mint leaves.
2. To the pitcher, add rum and Limeade. Shake or vigorously stir, incorporating all of mint.
3. Top with club soda and stir.
4. Fill four cocktail glasses to the top with ice.
5. Pour Mojito mixture and garnish with lime wedges (if you have any)

Apparently, Limeade is all the rage in Virginia (or so Chris says). So needless yo say, my VA babe was all about the modification. Enjoy!!!

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