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Easter Sunday Sentiments and a Spring Floral Dress

Easter Sunday Sentiments and a Spring Floral Dress

Throughout my entire childhood and even my early teenage years, Easter gave Christmas one serious run for its money. For my family went ham (pun totally intended) when it came to celebrating the holiday that pretty much requires a spiral sliced ham, deviled eggs, and if you’re even a little bit Southern, potato salad.

Most years, the beautiful spring day was spent at my cousin’s ranch, where all the little ones (including yours truly) would ride ponies, hunt for Easter eggs hidden under haystacks and tractors, and take rides on the golf cart from our slightly older, yet definitely not licensed to drive, siblings and cousins. Life was just grand. All of my family were alive and well - including my many great aunts and uncles whom I adored and most notably, my grandma, aunt, and of course, my beloved mom.


You might remember reading my blog post around this time last year where I shared a “twist on a deviled egg tradition” recipe. In that post too, I got rather sappy. I don’t know what it is about Easter but I think it just pulls at my heartstrings a wee bit more than Christmas. Perhaps it’s because unlike Christmas, Easter gathered together relatives near and far and because if I’m being totally honest, those golf cart rides were some of the most reckless fun I had as a kid.

P.S. Score that Southern Fried Pickle Deviled Egg Recipe here (photo below of the creation)


But now as an adult, living across the country from most of my family, Easter is a day for the memories. And I’m okay with that. But one day, hopefully soon, Chris and I will have kids of our own and we’ll start new Easter traditions. Until then though, we’ll be boozy brunching with friends the day before.


I actually wore this Easter appropriate dress for my birthday party just over a month ago. Truthfully, I’m not one to wear pastels (besides the very occasional light pink now and again), but I do love me some navy blue. I don’t hate floral patterns either - even if floral is not groundbreaking. This dress flows so effortlessly and totally gives off that romantic vibe I just can’t resist.


Looks like this dress just sold out but I'm linking some similar styles below...

Outfit Details: Navy blue midi dress, Urban Outfitters. Similar here and here. Cognac mules, Nordstrom. Straw Purse, Nordstrom. Similar here.

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