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Thanksgiving Leftovers Call for a Turkey, Cranberry, and Brie Sandwich on Ciabatta

Black Friday. It means absolutely nothing to yours truly. For in my world, the day after Thanksgiving calls for continued indulging and lots of R&R. So today, while many of you are amongst the chaos, hustling around the malls and electronic stores, I'm vegging on my couch, watching movies on TV, eating some really scrumptious Thanksgiving leftovers, and reflecting on yesterday's picture perfect dinner.

I made my very first turkey this year. A 20-pounder, the bird wasn't too easy to work with. But, be it as it may, I brined that big bird for 24 hours and then roasted it to beautiful golden perfection. I must admit, I was terribly nervous. Even when I read the temperataure it appeared that I had slightly overcooked it. Yet, with just one bite, it was quite apparent that this turkey wasn't overcooked at all. In fact, it was one of the most flavorful and moist turkeys I've had to date. Friends, it's all about the brine.

Hosting my first ever Thanksgiving was a total success and now I sit here, feeling pretty proud of my efforts and thankful for everyone who contributed to the memorable feast. I must mention too, it was the very last holiday dinner to take place in my childhood home as it'll be on the market at the beginning of the year. A bittersweet Thanksgiving gathering, indeed.

Eating more of that glorious turkey was a must today. Growing up, we'd have turkey sandwiches on white bread with a simple spread of mayo and a sprinkling of pepper. It was the only time my mom would allow white bread in the house. Although super simple, that sandwich always hit the spot. But I wanted to do something a little different this year. Something a bit more exciting. And this, my fellow food lovers, is what I came up with. I don't even think I need to tell you how divinely delectable this beauty was. My...oh, need to make this sandwich,


Turkey, Brie, and Cranberry Sandwich on Ciabatta


Leftover roasted turkey (preferably white meat)

Leftover cranberry sauce (about 1/4 cup per sandwich)

Brie cheese 

Baby Arugula 

Ciabatta roll(s)


1) Heat your oven to 350 degrees. Place a sandwich sized mound of turkey in a baking pan and lay slices of brie on top. Slice your ciabatta roll(s) and place in pan too. Put in the oven for 10 minutes.

2) Heat up cranberry sauce (I used about 1/4 cup per sandwich). Take turkey and ciabatta rolls out of the oven. Spread cranberry sauce on one side of roll. With a spatula, remove turkey and brie from pan and place on roll. Top with baby arugula.

3) Enjoy!


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